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Before You Build Your App, Answer These Questions [Infographic]

 Before You Build Your App, Answer These Questions
How can you make sure your app succeeds? Think strategically and make a solid plan.

Apps are everywhere. For every app you use or know about, however, there are thousands of apps that never got off the ground, and hundreds of apps that are still trying to find their audience. While countless factors play into whether an app succeeds or fails, a well-thought-out plan is a vitally important foundation for any app.

As a software design and development company with deep experience in web and mobile app development, Distillery has learned a thing or two about app development over the years. With that in mind, we put together an infographic capturing some of the most important questions you should answer before you begin building your web or mobile app. Some of those initial questions include deciding on your goals and your platform, estimating development costs, researching your market and audience, and deciding how you’ll monetize your app. Scroll down to learn more!
 Before You Build Your App, Answer These Questions

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