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Comparing Outcomes: BBA vs. MBA [Infographic]

Comparing Outcomes: BBA vs. MBA
This infographic is comparing the outcomes of the two degree paths BBA vs MBA. It covers earning potential and career opportunities, and the differences and similarities. It is promoting an online BBA or MBA with Campbellsville University Online.

A Bachelor of Business Administration is a four-year undergraduate degree that provides students with the basics of running a business. A Master of Business Administration is commonly a two-year degree (sometimes as little as just one year) and offers a more hands-on and focused course of study into the details of running or managing a business.

For the MBA path, develop the skills you need to become a leader in your field. Campbellsville University Online offers several concentrations including IT, HR and Marketing. If you’re considering a career in business, look no further than Campbellsville University.
Comparing Outcomes: BBA vs. MBA

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