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Handloom sarees of India [infographic]

Handloom sarees of India
Time travel through the passages of history and discover the finest of crafts and the best of weaving with us. Bringing together the textile designers, artisanal communities, weavers and artists, here’s a contemporary platform that meets the delightful treasures and doesn’t fade them out.

These are pure handlooms sarees culture of India with brief guide. Indina artisans comes together with weavers and artisans to bring you such unique marvels of handloom.

The Indian saree is so flexible that it can be a part of your office wear as well as festive wear. If you are looking to amp up your saree collection or start once again, then the time is just right - the joyful year is not far away and a saree will be the ideal accessory for your wardrobe. Traces of sarees have been found from the Indus Valley Civilization which prospered between 2800 BC to 1800BC in the western part of the Indian subcontinent.
Handloom sarees of India

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