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Health Care For Your Heart
Are pit bulls a public health threat? The idea is that they are somehow more aggressive and lead to more damage, destruction, and death than other breeds of dogs and therefore should be kept under lock and key. Unfortunately most of the data don’t support that, and neither do the people tasked with measuring and utilizing that data. The American Bar Association is not in favor of breed specific legislation, likely because it is nearly impossible to prove what breed a dog is to begin with. It also takes away the responsibility of the owner to keep a dog in control and places the onus on the dog itself, a losing proposition.

Part of the reason that pit bulls are vilified is media coverage. When pit bulls attack it makes national news. When other dogs attack it rarely makes news at all. In one such instance, a pit bull attack received hundreds of news stories while a dog attack by a different breed a few days prior received only one.

Learn more about why pit bulls aren’t a public health hazard from this infographic!
Health Care For Your Heart

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