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How Big Companies Can Help The Disadvantaged [Infographic]

How Big Companies Can Help The Disadvantaged
Built on the idea that corporations have a legal, ethical, and economic responsibility to the communities they reside in, corporate citizenship is an important social role of businesses. Nearly all business executives agree that positive community involvement strengthens a company’s reputation and builds trust with neighbors and customers alike. In 2016, financial contributions from US corporation donations amounted to over $18 billion as businesses develop work culture that encourages charitably through policies and programs.

Because if the vastness of many large companies, charitable donations are carried out by businesses in a variety of ways. Matching gift programs encourage employee donations to not-for-profits with a company promise of mirroring that same donation. General Electric is a notable corporation that employees this policy and in 2017 more than $36 million was matched from employee donations.

Goodwill and community support don’t only have to come from government agencies and not-for-profits; any type of business can make a positive impact in the world. Take a look at this infographic for more on how industry initiatives on helping the disadvantaged, promoting community development, and fostering a culture of generosity.
How Big Companies Can Help The Disadvantaged

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