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Is Your Best Friend In Pain? [Infographic]

 Is Your Best Friend In Pain?
Is your best friend in pain? He could be and have no way to tell you about it. We care deeply about our dogs, but we don’t always know when they are having problems. If your dog is limping, getting up more slowly than usual or not at all, licking his joints, or even sleeping longer than usual these could all be signs that he is in need of medical attention.

Taking care of your big dog from the getgo is far preferable to letting things go until he is in pain. You can do a few simple things to keep him healthy. Forego the hardwood or tile floors and opt for carpet instead - he’s less likely to get hurt that way. Invest in a set of steps to help him get in the car or on the bed, and make sure he has a comfy and supportive bed to sleep on.

Learn more about how to tell if your dog is in pain from this infographic!
 Is Your Best Friend In Pain?

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