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North Shore Oahu Surf Beach Guide [Infographic]

North Shore Oahu Surf Beach Guide
One of the most popular beaches in the whole island of Oahu is North Shore. Because of its undeniable beauty, pristine beachfronts, rich underwater biodiversity, and night life, it is not surprising that most tourists visiting the island make sure to experience the life in the North Shore. If you will visit Oahu in the future, there is one activity you should definitely not miss out when in North Shore: Surfing.

The North Shore is in fact located on the Northern coast of the island of Oahu, Hawaii, hence its name. It is about an hour drive from Honolulu, the capital of the island. During the summertime, its waters are calm enough for swimming, snorkeling and diving. But, what most tourists look forward to when in North Shore is during the wintertime, when waves soar as high as buildings and surfers take up to the challenge.
North Shore Oahu Surf Beach Guide

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