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Where The Gender Pay Gap is Widest [Infographic]

Where The Gender Pay Gap is Widest
On Tuesday in the U.S. is Equal Pay Day and as such, our infographic this week looks at the countries where the gender gap is the widest.

South Korea has the most work to do in order to close the gap. OECD data shows that in 2016, a male worker in South Korea would outearn his female counterpart by 36.7 percent. The problem is also highly evident in other Asian countries, especially Japan. In 2016, the wage gap between the sexes was 25.7 percent. Even though things are slightly better in North America, both the U.S. and Canada still have a wage gap of just over 18 percent. Although Greece attracted all the wrong headlines for its economic woes, it actually has one of the least pronounced gender wage gaps in the OECD at 4.5 percent.
Where The Gender Pay Gap is Widest

Infographic by: Statistas