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10 Things Nurses Wish You Knew [Infographic]

10 Things Nurses Wish You Knew
Nurses don’t just take your pulse and ask you questions.

Nurses also:

  • Provide health counseling and education 
  • Administer medication 
  • Interpret patient needs and make critical decisions regarding care 
  • Coordinate care with other health professionals 
  • Conduct research to improve practice

There are over 100 specialties in nursing. Many nurses have studied specific areas of healthcare and work closely with doctors to design treatment plans for patients.

You are actually in charge of your healthcare.

Nurses can tell you what’s best for you and what they recommend. But 
ultimately, you are the one making the decisions. Patients should 

  • Be able to ask specific questions about their care
  • Know about their own medical history
  • Understand the complexities of their chronic illnesses, like diabetes or lupus
  • Follow up or ask for clarification on treatment plans
  • Set their own health goals, specifically when related to weight loss or cholesterol control

It’s OK to ask for a second opinion.

No, it doesn’t hurt nurses’ feelings. In fact, it’s a smart idea. 
There is collaboration among nurses for a reason: sometimes two heads 
(or more) are better than one.
10 Things Nurses Wish You Knew

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