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7 Tech Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago [Infographic]

7 Tech Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago
The Digital Age has brought with it tech jobs that weren’t even being imagined in our parents’ generation. What are a few of the most popular, and how does one snag these contemporary careers? Learn more about the career opportunities that become available with an online degree in Information Technology from King University.

Cloud solutions architect

In the 1990s, telling someone you worked “in the cloud” might get you a weird look.

Median salary: $122,107

Necessary skills: Attention to detail, ability to solve complex problems, planning and organizational skills.

12,700 Tech Jobs

Number of openings in the U.S. each year through 2024.

App developer

From language learning to first-person shooting games—apps don’t make themselves.

Median salary: $66,847

Necessary skills: Creativity and vision, open to new ideas, ability to work on a team.

149.3 billion Number of apps downloaded in 2016.

Drone operator

Some of you are doing this for free, so the joke’s on you.

Median salary: $70,700

Necessary skills:

Natural coordination, ability to learn new technologies, ability to analyze and solve complex problems.

$1.9 billion Amount of venture capital that has gone into drone startups so far.

Website user experience designer

These smooth operators make sure smooth customers can use their smooth website smoothly. If not, they make some real smooth corrections.

Median salary: $72,405.

Necessary skills:
Ability to adapt to change, quick problem-solving skills, innovative mindset.

A well-designed user interface for a business’ website could raise its conversion rates up to 200%.
7 Tech Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago

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