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Crypto Careers [Infographic]

Crypto Careers
Though catering to a relatively new and mysterious industry, you may be surprised to learn that many crypto positions require the same skills and background as most any tech startup. Copywriters, content managers, marketers, and even PR positions are just as available as developers or engineers.

With more than 1,500 tradable cryptocurrencies out there today, someone has to be powering the machine behind it. Crypto jobs are one of the fastest growing job markets today, especially in the United States. California is home to almost 30% of all U.S. crypto employees, and a good chunk of them being remote-based positions.

Specialized job sites just for crypto help point recruiters and candidates in the right direction to connect them with the right opportunities. Sites like AngelList and Upwork are good options, but for a purely crypto experience, offers a dedicated online board and search engine for the purpose of crypto.

Whether you’ve found your dream job in crypto or are just looking to beef up your resume, this infographic from Coin List has everything you need to navigate the world of crypto careers. From the required skills to compensation to job descriptions, many crypto positions offer unique opportunities for every kind of tech professional.
Crypto Careers

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