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How to Advertise in Crypto [Infographic]

How to Advertise in Crypto
Google and Facebook both recently announced plans to stifle advertising for cryptocurrency and related services. Considering these are digital assets, advertising them on digital platforms has been the only thing that has made sense. Advertisers and marketers of these technologies have been understandably scrambling trying to figure out how to get the word out about their products now that the overwhelming majority of the digital advertising space is cut off from them. But the good news is that this limitation has led to some serious creativity, and marketing cryptocurrency has become much more interesting than ever before.

Instead of spending your advertising budget on banner ads, why not air drop your cryptocurrency into the virtual wallets of unsuspecting crypto users? This has probably been the single most impactful adaptation that has been made, but there are still other methods like content marketing and influencer marketing that have made waves. Learn more about the latest ways to market cryptocurrency from this infographic!
How to Advertise in Crypto

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