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How to Encourage Girls in STEM [Infographic]

 How to Encourage Girls in STEM
If you are here, then you are painfully aware of the disappointing lack of diversity in STEM fields such as engineers, software developers, architects, and mathematicians.

The good news is the economic opportunity for our girls is MASSIVE. Plus the societal benefits are big too.

Almost everyone wants to work on things that have an impact and are meaningful. Creating and building the software, hardware, infrastructure, and products that our friends and family use is pretty meaningful! So how do we help our girls?

The Girl in STEM Infographic is packed with facts about the economic opportunity for girls in STEM. Plus I explain why gender diversity is smart business. Most importantly I share my 7 Proven Steps to Encourage Girls in STEM.

1. Don't Gender Sterotype

2. Start from an Early Age

3. Encourage a Growth Mindset

4. Make STEM Fun!

5. Importance of Role Models

6. Enjoy Media with Your STEM Values.

7. Leverage Positive Peer Pressure

You can use this Girls in STEM Infographic to take action today.
 How to Encourage Girls in STEM

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