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Quality of Life Expectancy [Infographic]

Quality of Life Expectancy
What is quality of life expectancy? We all know what life expectancy is - it’s how long you are projected to live based on your socioeconomic status. But quality of life expectancy is something altogether different. Sure, you may be planning to live to see 90, but what will those last years of your life look like? Will you need skilled care? Who is going to take care of you and how will you afford it?

One of the things that almost no one plans for is getting dementia. Unfortunately when you fail to plan for this contingency it can leave your loved ones scrambling to figure out how they are going to care for you as your condition gets worse. Skilled care for dementia patients is expensive - just a room in a facility with minimal attention to quality of life can cost $5000 a month easily. And the facilities that give greater care and attention to residents’ quality of life are considerably more expensive.

But caring for dementia patients is a major challenge regardless of how prepared the patient and their family are. Disorientation coupled with a healthy body is a combination that almost always leads to anger and frustration. Some of the creative ways that facilities have found to deal with this include increasing green spaces and making residents’ doors look like their previous homes.

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Quality of Life Expectancy

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