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Steam - The Leading Gaming Marketplace [Infographic]

Steam - The Leading Gaming Marketplace
Steam was launched as a solution for Valve to publish updates for their games easily. Over time it developed into a lot more; Steam is now used by 90% of PC gamers. Steam community (a community for marketplace users) is one of the most active and interactive gaming community where players discuss and review latest games and hardware.

It is a platform which allows developers to launch their games; It helps them save over 30% of distribution cost. Most developers and companies have stopped printing hard copies of their games as digital distribution is so much accessible and feasible.

Valve (Steam's parent origination) has launched several games over the years, Some of these include CS: GO and Half-Life. They revolutionized the gaming industry with the introduction of 3d games FPS games in the late 90s.

Steam has collaborated with HTC to build the next generation of Virtual reality technology. This infographic is a tribute to Valve and demonstrates their development over time.
Steam - The Leading Gaming Marketplace

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