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Taking The Reins of Your Business Career [Infographic]

Taking The Reins of Your Business Career
Being in charge of your business career means knowing the path to your final goal. If an MBA is in your future, there are several concentrations to consider.

This infographic is showcasing multiple business career paths and career fields, to highlight careers you can pursue with an MBA. You will see comparisons of: Marketing, Accounting, Healthcare management, Human Resources, Information Technology, International Business, and Church management with an abundance of data and statistics to back the final winners up.

Which one do you believe leads you to the finish line the fastest? Catch the race in our infographic promoting CU's Online MBA program:

We want you to get your horse in the race so you can begin making the money you deserve! Within each business we will give multiple examples of positions you could obtain with your MBA. Spoiler Alert: International Business, Information Technology, and Accountant positions are looking mighty good.
Taking The Reins of Your Business Career

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