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Field Service Trends: What will the field service industry look like by 2021? [Infographic]

Let’s go back in time to the year 2014: the use of video in field service management to diagnose on-site problems and connect with other technicians out in the field was touted as the next trend that would impact the industry.
The video trend is still going strong and has evolved, with organizations now using video as a medium for peer to peer learning. And that’s the thing about trends: sometimes they come to nothing, but sometimes they evolve into much larger, more impactful forces that have a significant effect on an industry.
The first step in preparing for the challenges that these trends might bring is to be aware of how they could impact your own organization. For example, with the rise in crowd servicing, your competitors are likely equipping themselves to be able to utilize the gig economy while also retaining top talent. You need to ask yourself: does your business have a strategy for this? How well businesses are able to prepare for disruption is what will set them apart from those who fail to.
The trends we present in the infographic below have the potential to open the industry up to increased opportunities for enhanced efficiency, open new doors for data collection, and provide an arena for an agile workforce. However, they also increase competitiveness across the industry. Businesses must prepare for their potential effect; analyzing how these trends may disrupt your current processes will help you develop resilience and flexibility in advance.
We’ve identified six field service trends that are set to change the industry landscape by 2021, and compiled them into this easy to read and share infographic.
Field Service Trends: What will the field service industry look like by 2021?