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How to Transform a Boring Office into a Flexible Workspace [Infographic]

Employees spend most of their day in the office (unless, of course, they work freelance or allowed to do it some other place), so naturally, they would prefer to be in an area that boosts their performance and not bog it down. Because when the workforce is productive, the company prospers.
The flexible workspace has taken over the popularity of open office spaces—thanks to the prominence of wireless connectivity and mobile computing. It’s now a lot easier to complete tasks on an easy-to-carry laptop with Wi-Fi capability.
This workspace design that has been adopted by large corporations like Facebook, Google, and Apple obviously has importance and benefits to the company and its employees. When an employee isn’t bound to a cubicle and allowed to transfer spaces, sit, stand, roam, or interact with co-workers, they are happier.
A workspace that adapts to the employee’s needs can offer relief—allowing them to take control of how and where they work and even bring the physical comfort.
How to Transform a Boring Office into a Flexible Workspace

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