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Office Space Timeline [Infographic]

What was work like when your grandparents were young? What about your parents? How have offices changed since then? Will we all become digital nomads by 2030? Will robots take over the world by 2100?
From the beginning of agriculture to the Industrial Revolution and development of the office, the way we work has, is, and will continue to change over time. But how has the way we work changed over time? What does the office of the future look like? What steps do we need to take today to get us where we want to be tomorrow? What role will technology play?
We studied the history of the office and spoken with expert futurists to create a timeline of office space and culture–from the smoke-filled rooms of the 1950s to the dynamic green-spaces of the 22nd century.
Here’s a look back at offices through the decades and a look forward to the offices of the future.
 Office Space Timeline

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