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Signature Moves – Dance Styles From Around The World [Infographic]

April 29th is International Day of Dance, which is the perfect time to celebrate the fabulous performing art which plays an integral role in so many cultures and countries around the world.
Dance is a way of expressing ourselves and telling a story, and in many cultures certain types of dance hold celebratory, spiritual and traditional values.
Dance is important to us at Pettitts Travel, as it is a key part of life for many of the local people in the destinations we serve. In fact, our destinations have provided the world with some of the best dances around, including the samba and the tango.
So we wanted to mark International Day of Dance in a truly special way, by celebrating the unique, awe-inspiring and iconic dance styles from around the world. To do this we have created a showcase of some of the most weird and wonderful dance styles from across the globe.
Have a look at our graphic below to find out more about different dance styles around the world.
Signature Moves – Dance Styles From Around The World

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