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Childhood Food Insecurity in the United States [Infographic]

One out of every six children in the U.S. are living in a food-insecure household. Meanwhile, many of these homes are caught between not affording enough for nutritive food while earning too much for federal programs like SNAP. Children that need aide aren’t getting in the summertime, and some areas of the country are much worse off than others. In Jefferson County, Mississippi, 36.1% of all homes are food insecure. Meanwhile, states like North Dakota have a very low (9.4%) child food-insecurity rate, despite being a fairly poor state. has created a map of all the worst counties for food insecurity, and compared the rates of hunger for children and the states as a whole. This uneven amount of hunger, which affects Americans depending on their location and race, can lead to huge problems, from poor test scores to lifelong illnesses due to obesity from low-quality food products. What’s upsetting about this data is the greater context: We waste $160 billion in food every year. That’s somewhere between 30% to 40% of our food supply.

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Childhood Food Insecurity in the United States
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