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Influencer Marketing Is The New King Of Content [Infographic]

Brands are diving in head-first because the benefits are endless: increasing sales, exposure, credibility, customer loyalty, user-generated content, growth on social channels, content virality, page rank, the list goes on.
Customers turn to influencers because their advice and recommendations are genuine AND the information is presented to them at the right time. When a customer is browsing a blog about home-decor...that's the perfect time to present them with beautiful imagery and a link to that Eames chair you're selling. It's shown within the context of a trusted influencer's home and that works! This contextual approach is much more effective than forcing spammy ads in their face first thing in the morning...right when they're getting to work. What's more, influencers can reach a giant network of targeted people that could be your next loyal customers. Pretty sweet, right?!
Check out the infographic we, at The Shelf, created. It walks through all of the high level points you need to know about influencer effective it is, how many brands are utilizing it, a breakdown of influencers according the the industry, what you can gain when utilizing influencer marketing, and more. If the stats here strike your fancy, feel free to use it on your own blog or social network - you can find the embed code for entire the infographic at the bottom of this post.

 Influencer Marketing Is The New King Of Content

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