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Is SEO Still Relevant in 2018? #Infographic

With how fast technological advancements are developing nowadays, a large variety of marketing strategies have emerged for businesses to take advantage of. But for years now, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has risen as one of the most influential, most sought-after tactics that businesses should utilize.
Whether you are a small business, a growing corporation, or a global brand, it is still essential, because organic search is perhaps the most valuable marketing channel nowadays. But because it involves a lot of legwork and effort, it’s hard to justify why you’d have to partition a significant portion of your marketing budget into this one strategy. Especially in this decade, when more and more technologies are allowing you to become more visible to your audience outside of search engines.
So, is SEO still relevant in 2018? Would your business survive even if you don’t necessarily put an effort in it?
 Is SEO Still Relevant in 2018

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