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Journey to the Cloud [Infographic]

What does tried-and-true Salesforce and the infamous Pirate Bay have in common? They are both cloud computing services. While one is an essential business tool for countless industries, and the other a haven for stolen media, cloud computing has a massive impact on the way we share, store, and manage data. From family photos to corporate secrets, cloud computing offers a virtual filing cabinet of content to observe and build from.

Many businesses opt for the ease of hybrid cloud servers, blending the convenience of on-site infrastructure with public clouds. Today, enterprises invest an average of $1.62 million into cloud computing and 42% of companies derive half or more of their business through cloud-based apps. These numbers are shockingly large when we take into consideration how difficult it was to store and manage data online just a decade ago.

How does your business take advantage of cloud computing? Take a look at this infographic for more on the fascinating history and the exciting future of cloud computing and what benefits business can expect from this piece of technology.

Journey to the Cloud

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