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Why Silicon Valley Fell In Love With Online Mattresses [infographic]

Why do industries get disrupted? We hear a lot about industry disruption in things like travel with Uber and Lyft, or in hotels with things like AirBNB. Clearly in those industries someone saw a way to update the “way things have always been done” in order to incorporate more modern technology and sentiments. So which industries are next?

Currently the mattress industry is being disrupted, and it turns out that customers could not be happier about that. No one likes to shop for mattresses and the markups are way too high. Commission based sales just make the whole thing completely miserable.

Enter online mattress sales. If you could click a few buttons and have your new mattress delivered right to your house, wouldn’t you? The online mattress industry also saves customers a significant amount of money on their purchase by selling directly to them.

Is your industry the next one to be disrupted?

Why Silicon Valley Fell In Love With Online Mattresses

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