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Dangers of IoT [Infographic]

In September 2015, an official warning was released to the American public straight from the FBI. This warning detailed the security risks that are present with IoT devices and strongly suggested caution when using such products. With 62% of adults in the US owning at least one connected device, IoT is here to stay but are security measures able to keep up?

For every internet user, being the victim of a cyber crime is a very real reality. When we bring connected devices into our home, however, the risks can grow even higher. Cyber criminals can attack and gain access to any connected device from your smartwatch to your smart fridge. These attacks can spread, especially when default passwords and out-of-date security patches are still in use. Private data can get stolen, financial transactions can be disrupted, and devices can even be held “hostage” until the demanded ransom is paid. The simple truth is that IoT devices are designed and manufactured with convenience and ease-of-access in mind, rather than security.

How do you keep your IoT devices secure? Take a look at this infographic for more on IoT security concerns, how to protect your devices and data, and what to expect for the future of connected devices.

Dangers of IoT

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