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Data Breach Heatmap [Infographic]

Digital security for any internet user is often a top priority. From using unique passwords with every account, avoiding phishing scams, and logging out of our accounts on public computers, many of us feel we have our bases covered. Yet still data breaches happen, and when they do the results can be catastrophic.

Navigating the laws of data breach notification systems in the US can get confusing. Each state is responsible for setting its own standards leaving very little room for nation-wide guidelines. Even the very definition of what a data breach is can vary from state to state. Most states agree however that immediate notification without unreasonable delay is required but “unreasonable delay” can mean 45 days all the way up to 90 days. Between law enforcement investigation and methods of notification, in the event of a breach it could take several weeks or even months for those affected to be notified.

When it comes to cyber security, knowing is half the battle. Do your state laws protect you in the event of a data breach? And if so, to what extent? Take a look at this infographic from Digital Guardian for a look at state-by-state data breach notification laws, understanding your rights in a breach, and how and when you can expect to be notified of an attack.

Data Breach Heatmap

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