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Summertime Auto Accident Statistics [Infographic]

Summer vacation means a lot of trips, which means a lot of driving - which can mean a lot of accidents. Car accidents seem to go up over the warmer months, but why is this? Is the warm weather to blame, or the amount of vacations, or are people just more careless when the weather is nice?

Goodwin & Scieszka, a Michigan-based personal injury law firm, provides a breakdown of the most common causes of car accidents in summer time. This infographic dives into which states have the most car accidents during summer, a few of the most common causes and reasons behind the accidents, and - perhaps most importantly - ways to prevent these accidents from getting worse next summer.

By providing this infographic, we hope to provide more information on why car accidents seem so tragically common during the summer months, the effect they can have on people, and what we can do to help stop them going forward.

Summertime Auto Accident Statistics

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