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7 Important SEO Considerations When Building a New Website [Infographic]

In building a new website, there are things that needs to be considered to easily boost its ranking when its done. One of the most important factors to remember is the SEO friendliness of the website. If you have the winning SEO strategy, it’s better to optimise from the very beginning.

That being said, before creating a website you have to narrow down the niche to focus on one thing so that you can serve your audience better. Make sure to get the basics but very important factors like sitemaps responsiveness and mobile-friendliness of the website as Google already prioritised mobile search. Other factors to regard as are the content plan, On-page SEO and creating Google Analytics.

The infographic shows the short but to the point guide of important SEO considerations one must have to boost their website rankings. Simple considerations but when done properly will surely get your website shoots up its ranking in easily and in short time possible.

7 Important SEO Considerations When Building a New Website