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A Century of New York City's Evolving Skyline [Infographic]

New York City is known for having an incredible amount of buildings and attractions like the Statue of Liberty and as well as people crammed into a small urban area, 8.5 million people in fact. But what about other living things? Is there enough room in this cramped city for all the wildlife, plants, trees, and birds that the environment needs to thrive?

The answer is yes. It may surprise you to know just how many variates of animals and plants call this great city home. New York City has thirty thousand acres of park land to offer its urban wildlife, which is roughly 14% of its size. With over 200 species of birds living in Central Park alone, bird watching is a favored past time of many NYC residents and tourists. As you'll learn from this infographic from Liberty Cruise, throughout it’s many parks, and even along its busy streets, the city has almost 800 native plant species and 168 different tree species that make up over 5 million trees!

This infographic by takes a look at the various flora and fauna species that can be found throughout this busy city.

A Century of New York City's Evolving Skyline