Inside of infographic every picture tells a story, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly

Brewster's Billion [Infographic]

We have created an illustrated infographic which acts as a guide to 12 of the most irreverent and fun ways to spend a billion pounds. We deliberately eschew obvious ways of spending vast sums, looking instead for more novel ways one might make use of the money.

The infographic is an updated ode to the 80's comedy classic, Brewster's Millions, in which Richard Pryor haplessly failed to spend a fortune. The aim is just to try and amuse the reader and get their minds to thinking about subversive ways they would look to spend the money.

In fact, there is also a competition element through which entrants who submit the most imaginative spending lists can win prizes, including a bitcoin, a drone and an iphone 8.

Brewster's Billion