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Cities With The Most Cheaters In The United Kingdom [Infographic]

One in every five British adults have admitted to having an affair. This infographic from Serenta Flowers looks at the most adulterous cities in the United Kingdom. Oxford is the clear “cheating capital of the U.K.,” with over 12,000 affairs, which makes up for 9.13% of the population!

This infographic from the UK's dives into all sorts of stats, including how many have even had affairs. 47% of the people in the study had one affair at some point, and 8% have had five or more. There’s plenty of stats to look at here. For one, it’s shown that men are slightly more inclined to have more than one affair, but that men and women are equally likely to have an affair in general. Another interesting takeaway is that women are more likely to cheat with a friend, proving that the cheating motivations of men and women are different.

Cities With The Most Cheaters In The United Kingdom