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Climate Change and Global Nutrition [Infographic]

All over the world, more than 800 million people suffer from hunger, most of them coming from developing countries. The steady growth of global undernourishment raises alarms, especially amidst the excessive and extreme climate change related weather events.

The powerful relationship between climate change and the way we manage agriculture cannot be overstated. Extreme temperature highs and lows, changes in annual precipitation, and climate shocks contribute to the damage made by existing irresponsible and unsustainable farming methods. Nearly 95 million people face both climate shocks and crisis-level food insecurity at the same time, furthering the demand for better, lasting solutions.

If current trends continue, we could see an additional 4.8 million undernourished children on earth by 2050. Let’s make solutions today to ensure no child is left hungry. This infographic details the current state of climate change, how it’s affecting our health and nutrition, and why agricultural standards aren’t keeping up.

Climate Change and Global Nutrition