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How Americans Get To Work [Infographic]

If you’re like most Americans, you spend a lot of alone time in your car. Seventy-six percent of American commuters drive to work by themselves every day, and the average American spends 54 minutes per day commuting.Unfortunately, many people don’t enjoy their trips to and home from work. Commuting often comes with traffic congestion, delays, boredom, and social isolation. A Swedish study linked longer commutes to higher levels of chronic stress. Moreover, when Texas women were asked to rank their enjoyment of daily activities for a survey, commuting came in last.

People who walk, bike, or take the train to work are generally more satisfied with their commutes than those who drive. But if driving is your only option, don’t despair. Keep reading to learn how to improve your car commute and maybe even look forward to it.

How Americans Get To Work