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Startup Stats That Will Surprise You [Infographic]

Many new startups born every day. Their way of becoming successful is hard due to the high competition in every sector of business. At Mobilunity we do all the best to support businesses on all stages of their existence by providing startups with dedicated development teams for lease.

Mobilunity team is trying to learn more and more about different business processes within the startups ecosystem. We would love to share one of our recent researches with you. In this infographic we visualize the most surprising stats about startups worldwide including:

  • which countries and cities are the most popular for the startup companies? Where their number is highest? 
  • how many entrepreneurs are in the world? 
  • how many startups fail in different sectors of business? Every year, in four years, etc. Why? 
  • number of the global IT spending 
  • total global value 
  • the global value of business processes outsourcing stood
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Startup Stats That Will Surprise You