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The Widening Cybersecurity Talent Gap [Infographic]

The total of unfilled cybersecurity job openings in the US alone has crept up to well over 300,000 just in the United States. On a global scale, the situation looks even more dire and by 2021, 3.5 million cybersecurity positions will need to be filled. This ever widening gap should raise alarms, especially as the risks from data breaches and cyber criminals grows.

As of 2018, 51% of organizations find themselves without employees with adequate cybersecurity know how, a huge jump from just 23% in 2014. With an unemployment rate of 0% for cybersecurity professionals, the supply is simply not keeping up with the demand. So how are businesses dealing with this shortage? For the most part, they do their best to consolidate their security solutions and get the most out of the resources they have on hand. MSPs, or Managed Security Programs, step in as a good option and cost-effective alternative that responds to cybersecurity needs.

The talent gap for cybersecurity professionals may be hitting organizations of every industry hard, but there are options to keep security standards in check. Take a look at this infographic for more on the state of cybersecurity needs, how to build a competent team of cybersecurity professionals, and how to maintain security needs amidst the shortage.

The Widening Cybersecurity Talent Gap