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Edible Flowers: 15 Blooms that You Can Eat [Infographic]

Flipping through the pages of a magazine treats you to a glossy imagery of dishes tastefully garnished with edible flowers. For centuries, these flowers have been gracing the tables across many cultures, not only making food look palatable, but also enhancing the flavors of recipes in a very interesting way.

Although it’s definitely not a new fad, you can’t help but be surprised to see a wide range of flowers that are actually safe to eat. If you’re curious to know what flowers exactly you can add to your salads, soups, desserts, and dishes, this infographic enumerates some of the blooms you can eat. It also identifies which parts of the flowers are edible and provides tips on how they can be prepared for cooking.

Edible Flowers: 15 Blooms that You Can Eat