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Holiday Wine Pairing Guide [Infographic]

For 69% of Americans, looking forward to the holidays means looking forward to time spent with family and friends. Enjoying meals, reflecting on the past year, and sharing a crisp bottle of wine together (or two) can make for a relaxing night in or a dramatic party.

As the winter holiday fan favorite, pinot noir is a versatile, gentle wine appealing to white and red wine lovers alike. For traditional celebrations complete with turkey and sweet potato pies, pinot noir is a staple Thanksgiving wine. Chardonnay however helps compliment vegetarian and even vegan meals for when turkey isn’t on the menu. With its unique embodiment of the region in which the grapes were grown, chardonnay can bring a local feel from warm and tropical flavors, to cool and earthy aromas.

How does your holiday wine list look? This infographic details the subtleties of wine pairings, how to make them work for your holiday dinners, and the best choices from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Holiday Wine Pairing Guide