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How to Robot-Proof Your Career [infogaphic]

Technology moves fast these days - almost 20% of what we do at work could possibly become obsolete thanks to automation. So what does it take to stay ahead?

Today, robots are already pretty good at simple, commonplace tasks, like data collecting and processing. As it stands, nearly 50% of employer say that automaton could lead to a reduction of their workforce as soon as 2020 - but robots can’t do everything. Not all experts agree on the impact that automation could have and one study suggested that only less than 5% of occupations can become fully automated. Instead, restructuring of jobs, rather than outright replacement, is a more likely outcome of automation.

Ready to robot-proof your career? Take a look at this infographic for more on the future of automation, how to keep your own skills relevant, and why a little humanity in an automated world goes a long way.

How to Robot-Proof Your Career