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Remote vs In-House Development Teams [Infographic]

Mobilunity is comparing the difficulty of working with both teams - in-house programmers and remote software developers. Let's see what pros and cons each team has and who you want to hire right now for your business. Well, obviously, the biggest benefit of hiring remote works is a cost-efficiency. Especially if you hire a developer from European countries like Poland or Ukraine. Speaking of Ukraine, this country is widely known by its largest web developers talented pool of professionals.

This is another reasons for hiring remote teams. You just need to choose the right country for outstaffing. Although, with the in-house team the cooperation seems easier, as they know the company, they are always available for direct discussion. But this is not the problem for dedicated developers. You may ask "But what about the time zone difference?"

Here also the choice of a proper country plays a huge role.Check out yourself all the perks of hiring in-house and remote teams.

Remote vs In-House Development Teams