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The Data the Big Tech Companies Have On You [Inpfographic]

Giving away our data is the price to entry in the world of technology and smart devices. Whether you’re on Team Android or Team Apple, you’re likely reading this on one of their devices, and you’ve probably provided a considerable amount of information to these companies as a result. When most people think of data collection, their first thought is of big companies like Google, and they would be right: Google collects a host of user information across its various platforms.

However, compared to another tech giant, Facebook, Google’s trove of data is relatively small. In fact, if you have a Facebook account, they likely know everything from your name to your birthday to your relationship status, and they may even know things like your income level and your credit card numbers. If this makes you uncomfortable, it should.

This infographic from Security Baron ( explores the data that big tech companies have on their users (or, at least, what they admit to in their privacy policies).

The Data the Big Tech Companies Have On You