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The Fastest-Growing Real Estate Markets in America [Infographic]

With real estate prices continually increasing, the United States is starting to see an affordable housing crisis beginning to emerge. Housing prices, along with the price of many other goods and services, are on the rise while salaries remain stagnant and many American families are having trouble being able to afford a new home or even keep up with the mortgage on their current home. Many people have no choice but to rent as real estate markets across the country flourish. But where are prices increasing the fastest?

This infographic from examines the real estate market in each major region of the United States to find out which are increasing faster than others. It’s no surprise that Beverly Hills, CA comes in first with the cost per square foot increasing by $764 over the past 5 years up to a whopping $1,623. This is a common trend along the west coast, while east coast markets have some of the fastest-declining real estate prices. Homes in Sunset, SC have seen the price per square foot drop $64; while homes in Tamaqua, PA have the lowest price per square foot at $22. How are real estate prices fairing in your region of the country?

The Fastest-Growing Real Estate Markets in America