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Turnitin Similarity: How Much Is Too Much [Infographic]

For a plagiarism checker tool to be useful, one has to understand how it works? Over the years, Turnitin’s popularity has grown as more students and institutions use it to test plagiarism, in the submitted work.

You can also use it as a student to help you identify the areas in your content that may be considered, as plagiarised. When you use it, it produces a report that highlights the different characteristics of your paper.

The Similarity Index refers to the amount of your work that matches the catalogued sources that exist. If a section matches a reference in their database, the tool will highlight it. You can use the Match Overview feature to skip to the specific part that needs your attention.

When using a plagiarism checker, keep in mind that only the human eye can decide whether the highlighted part is plagiarised or not. In your case as a student, that’s the role of your professor.

Turnitin Similarity: How Much Is Too Much