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What is the Adder Advantage? [Infographic]

This infographic was created to show brands and businesses how Out of Home advertising and digital analytics can help build credibility and presence in the communities that they market themselves to! With Adder's new platform, brands will be able to create vehicle ad campaigns and measure their efficacy with ease.

1 - It's Outperforming Online Advertisements 

We have made considerable discoveries in our market research studies, which surveyed hundreds of consumers across multiple key demographics. We found that out of home ads are 2x more favorable than online advertisements. Other surveys outside of Adder support this as well -- with vehicle ads being a favorite among consumers!

2 - Its Better Customer Engagement 

Online ads are annoying and invasive, whereas outdoor ads are considered informative and interesting! According to our survey results, the general consensus is that online ads are very forgettable, whereas outdoor ads leave a lasting impression.

3 - It's Better for Your Business 

When our full system goes online in January 2019, we'll be able to provide provable conversions on outdoor ads, making it easy to calculate your return on investment!

4 - It's Better for Your Customers 

When your company chooses to buy ad space with Adder, you're making an investment. You're investing in a person that will support your company and its message, in addition to hosting your legitimate car wrap ad on their vehicle.

5 - It's Better for Your Community 

Instead of sending money to a corporate server system on an online-only platform, you're putting your money straight into the community your ad is running in. Doing that puts money in the pockets of your drivers, whose gratitude you'll earn quickly with Adder!

6 - It's a Win - Win

Lower costs per impression and a direct payout to consumers mean that everyone gets a chance to gain value from the Adder Platform.

7 - It's for Everyone!

Adder is for the mom & pop shop, and it's for multinational titans and the biggest tech companies. It's for lawyers, doctors, moms, dads, students, Uber and Lyft drivers, insurance salesman, political campaigners, and church youth pastors.

What is the Adder Advantage?