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15 Hot Spots for Celebrity Sightings in New York City [Infographic]

New York City is a sacred place for creativity, production, fashion, food, culture, history, nature etc. It is no doubt that all the celebrities of life gather at Big Apple, work, enjoy, and go home. New York expert TOPView Sightseeing introduces 15 hot spots including Tina Fey, Selena Gomez, Johnny Depp, Jimmy Fallon, Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Helen Mirren, Chrissy Teigen and Olivia Wilde. As many television and movie productions are taking place in New York, this attracts talent all over the world.

Broadway shows include Daniel Radcliffe, Denzel Washington and Andrew Garfield. You can also have a meal in the star rating restaurant O ya, Lure Fishbar, Park Side Restaurant, Coppelia. Wandering through Central Park or enjoying a natural oasis, the fresh air you breathe is often the same as a celebrity going to the park and exercising and playing. As usual, you want to receive treatment, please respect and respect others. Celebrities are also people!

15 Hot Spots for Celebrity Sightings in New York City