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15 Ticking Time Bombs to Prepare For Now [Infographic]

The spiritual fear of the times is increasing, and the changing events worldwide are cutting edge. Tension, fear and anxiety are getting increasingly common. Preppie parties' event reports are increasing rapidly in recent years, and the movement of survival is increasing. While erroneous information and ignorance worsen without much concern being confirmed, other potential threats are receiving scientific support. The World Economic Forum lists weapons of mass destruction as the biggest risks that will have the greatest impact in the next ten years. It is no wonder that the fear of nuclear disasters emerged in daily life around the world because the world leaders are proud of having "nuclear weapon buttons". This infographic of Security Baron ( explores the 15 potential threats that may be facing disasters and explains the known science behind them. Many of the timed bombs explored are directly or indirectly affected by climate change.

15 Ticking Time Bombs to Prepare For Now