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A Small Business Guide to Facebook Video Marketing [Infographic]

As a small business, Facebook is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing tool. Over 40% of the recommended traffic [1] comes from this source, which attracts new customers and is the perfect social media channel to talk to the brand community so far. Technological progress means that anyone can post and post videos on their Facebook page with their smartphone. Before you start creating your own video it is a good idea to learn some handy expertise to improve their performance. When you shoot videos in portrait mode, you can increase the impression by 50% [3] while maintaining the length within 2 minutes to maximize viewers' interest.

It is also important that you understand how Facebook pushes video content to users and use that knowledge. For example, videos uploaded directly to Facebook will be beyond YouTube and other third party providers by winning over 100% views and over 200% share [4]. There is no sound in the majority of Facebook videos (85%) [5], so adding text descriptions to the video is also important. You can offer these in the form of subtitles and subtitles in your video.