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AI: A force for good or destined for the dark side? [Infographic]

There is no other emerging technology that draws imagination like artificial intelligence. The basic concept surrounding artificial intelligence is born of science fiction that is used as a fable of human traps and creates the possibility of our own death. Today these parables may still exist.

In the word of Will Durant, "We are doing again and again again and again" and artificial intelligence is also so. In other words, what we are investing is obtained from there. One of the most important goals of artificial intelligence is to develop it into a tool to eliminate human prejudice and false logic. However, these results continue to provide biased data, so all these results provide more biased data. Solving the problem of human prejudice and chaotic thinking is part of the AI ​​puzzle.

The future of artificial intelligence and its ethics is in our hand - please see this infograph for details on how to make artificial intelligence better than an evil weapon.
AI: A force for good or destined for the dark side?