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Can You Be Successful Without College? [Infographic]

After steady growth for decades, the number of new university entrants has decreased from 20.4 million in 2011 to 19.2 million in 2016. As the tuition fee increases every year, the collective debt of students continues to increase, the employment market is gradually decreasing, young people do not know if the university has the most value.

Two thirds of university graduates with a bachelor's degree are responsible for this. Unfortunately, in order to get a good education, people must bear the burden of student loans which is a general emotion. In 2016, 999,000 students graduated, acquired an associate degree, and 939,000 students acquired a non-graduation certificate. What's the difference? Half of the graduates are students with educational debt, more than half of the assistant graduates.

Quality education does not require lifetime debt. Please think carefully about your choice. This infographic describes in detail what alternatives to higher education and when to rethink the university problem.

Can You Be Successful Without College?