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Cybercrime and Punishment Around the World [Infographic]

Cybercrime is increasing all over the world, steadily increasing over the years. Interpol expresses cyber crime as a "rapidly growing crime territory", costing billions of dollars. Next year (2019), the total cost of the world economy may exceed 2 trillion dollars.

When you think about cyber crime, you tend to pretend to be an irregular teenager with a cheat invading the prince or website or network. Cybercrime has become much more sophisticated and complicated than recently. According to Interpol's report, a cyber criminal network around the world is active. Cyber ​​crime is the second most frequently reported crime in the world, accounting for almost half of all crimes in the UK.

This handy visual guide explains everything you need to know about cybercrime around the world and the world's most notorious cybercriminals.

Cybercrime and Punishment Around the World